LUXE Vegan Protein Powder
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LUXE Vegan Protein Powder

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If you’re searching for a great tasting, vegan protein powder that will help you lose weight and tone your body, you can do no better than the pea protein alternative, Luxe Vegan Protein Powder. Not only will the Luxe Vegan Protein Powder help you to lose unwanted weight, but also tone your muscles, support a healthy metabolism and top up your diet with essential vitamins and minerals as part of an active lifestyle.


Perfect for drinking before a daily workout, this gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan protein powder for women will help to:

  • Support increased satiety, helping you feel fuller for longer
  • Support and promote weight loss and body toning
  • Encourage fat oxidation (using stored fat to produce energy)
  • Support increased muscle mass which can speed up your metabolism
  • Support muscle recovery after exercise
  • Support the top up of critical micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • Support reduced muscle breakdown as it contains BCAA's


The Luxe Vegan Protein Powder is developed by experts using the latest evidence-based nutritional science and dairy-free formula to fit around your fitness regime and aid weight loss and muscle tone. It has been proven that a dairy-free, vegan diet that is high in protein has been found to leave a person feeling healthier, fuller and more satisfied throughout the day, helping to reduce unwanted cravings and boosting metabolism to aid natural weight loss.

Ingredients include green tea extract which helps to increase your metabolic rate and L-Carnitine, promoting fat oxidation


How to use

Add 2 flat scoops of Luxe Vegan Protein Powder to 200 - 250mls of chilled water, trim milk, or milk alternative in a protein shaker. Adjust liquid level to suit your desired level of flavour intensity and taste. 

Luxe Vegan Protein Powder should be enjoyed alongside a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. This protein powder can help manage cravings and promote toning and fat loss. We recommend incorporating Luxe into your one of your daily meals using one of our delicious vegan recipes or as a tasty daily snack. For optimal results combine with an exercise regime that includes resistance training and aerobic activity.



Please note that Luxe Vegan Protein Powder has been designed to support an active lifestyle and nutritional diet. It is not a meal replacement. If you have any medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take Luxe Vegan Protein Powder without consulting a doctor. Not suitable for children under the age of 15 years old.


  • Servings Per Bottle: 20
  • Serving Size (2 Scoops): 30g


Typical Values                

Avg Quantity (Per Serving)

Avg Quantity (Per 100g)

Energy (kJ) 490kJ 1630kJ
Calories (kcal) 117 Cal 390kcal
Protein 21.4g 71.4g
Fat (total) 1.1g 3.6g
Fat (saturated) 0.3g 1g
Carbohydrate 4.2g 14g
Sugars 0.4g 1.3g
Sodium 318mg 1060mg
Vitamin C 28mg (62% RDI*) 92mg
Vitamin B1 0.3mg (26% RDI*) 1mg
Vitamin B3 5mg (33% RDI*) 17mg
Vitamin B5 5mg (100% RDI*) 17mg
Magnesium 104mg (28% RDI*) 348mg
Zinc 3mg (27% RDI*) 10mg
Carnitine 64mg 215mg
Polyphenols 94mg 314mg
Gluten 0mg 0mg

*Recommended Dietary Intake (NRV,2006)



Pea Protein (87%), Flavour, Minerals [Magnesium, Zinc], Sweetener [Sucralose], Salt, Green Tea Extract [98% Polyphenols], Carnitine, Vitamins [Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1] 

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